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Flooding in Wembdon Parish

Road sign: Road closed flood

A number of lanes, around Perry Green in particular, have flooded in the recent severely wet weather. This has caused extreme difficulties for some residents, in getting in and out of their homes, and in some cases there has been flood water entering their properties.

Wembdon Parish Council has raised this issue on many occasions, both with local landowners to encourage better maintenance of drainage ditches, and with Somerset Highways. Unfortunately, progress is very slow. We will continue to raise this issue at every opportunity, and thank all the residents who have given us their feedback on this.

Scenes from Perry Green

Flooding outside The Malt House, Perry Green
Outside The Malt House
Flooding outside Perrycroft, Perry Green
Outside Perrycroft
Flooding outside Nauvoo, Perry Green
Outside Nauvoo
Flooding between Moorhen Equestrian and MacLintocks, Perry Green
Between Moorhen Equestrian and MacLintocks
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