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Any new development must first have the approval of the Local Planning Authority, which in the case of Wembdon is Sedgemoor District Council (SDC).

If you are planning a development, either a new building or alterations to an existing building, advice and information on how to apply for Planning Permission are available on SDC’s website. Certain extensions, loft conversions and other minor developments do not require Planning Permission – further information can be found through the website. To be successful, applications should comply with National Planning Policy, the Sedgemoor Local Plan, and Wembdon’s Neighbourhood Plan.

Details of all new applications are published on SDC’s website, and those for Wembdon are listed on our Recent Applications page, each with a link to the full details. Members of the public may comment or give their views for or against a proposed development – the time limit for this can be found in the details of each application.

Wembdon Parish Council is consulted by SDC on all new Planning Applications in the Parish. Each Application is examined by a Councillor, and, if there are any issues identified, the application will be discussed at a Planning Committee meeting. The Planning Committee will agree on a response to be submitted to SDC, but the Parish Council does not have the final say in whether permission will be granted – that decision is in the hands of SDC. The decision will usually be delegated to an SDC Planning Officer unless it is for a Major Application, or the Officer’s recommendations disagree with the views of the Parish Council. In that case, the decision will be made by SDC’s Development Committee, composed of a number of District Councillors from all over Sedgemoor. The applicant, a Parish Councillor, and members of the public have the right to address the Committee for up to 3 minutes to put their views on the application.

If you think that a development is under way without Planning Permission, or the construction is not as approved, you can report it to SDC through the Planning Enforcement page on their website.

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