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Councillors’ details and interests

Tony Jay (Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer)

Contact Details:

11, Wyvern Mews, Churchill Road, Weston-super-Mare BS23 3GZ. Tel No: 07859 911204

Mike Solomon (Council Chairman)

Committees: Ex-officio member of all committees and working groups

Contact Details:

22 Wembdon Rise, Wembdon, TA6 7QZ.  Tel No: 01278 457026

Photo of Mike Solomon

Anne Reed

Committees: Planning.

Working Groups: Playing Fields and Common; Facebook team; Hinkley Traffic Forum; Finance; Staffing

Contact Details:

78 Wembdon Hill, Wembdon, TA6 7PZ.  Tel No: 01278 421420

Photo of Anne Reed

Richard Webber


Working Groups: Allotments and track wall team; Playing Fields tree watering

Contact Details:

Blakes Farmhouse, Blakes Lane, Wembdon TA5 2BE.  Tel No: 01278 429235

Photo of Richard Webber

Dave Gliddon

Committees:  Planning

Working Groups: Highways; Speedwatch; Finance

Contact Details:

Victoria Cottage, 37 Wembdon Hill, Wembdon, TA6 7PZ.  Tel No: 07828 210076

Photo of Dave Gliddon

Dianne Claydon

Committees: Planning

Working Groups: Allotments

Contact details:

7 Vicars Lane, Wembdon TA6 7QX.  Tel No: 01278 456052

Photo of Dianne Claydon

Kathryn Searle


Working Groups:

Contact details:

2 Lyndhurst Crescent, Wembdon TA6 7QG. Tel No. 07881 223277

Awaiting photo of Kathryn Searle

Mark Phillips

Committees: Planning

Working Groups: Allotments;  deputy delegate to Village Hall Trust; Finance; Footpaths.

Contact details:

45 Inwood Road, Wembdon TA6 7PP.  Tel No: 07941 983311

Phot9o of Mark Phillips

Lorna Edwards

Committees: Planning

Working Groups: Parklands project; Clean surroundings

Contact details:

30 Dovai Drive, Wembdon TA6 3SP.  Tel No: 07917 101990

Photo of Lorna Edwards

Peter Major

Committees: Planning (Chairman)

Working Groups: Website renewal team leader; Highways

Contact details:

34 Wembdon Rise, Wembdon TA6 7QZ.  Tel No: 01278 421448

Photo of Peter Major

Julian Wellings


Working Groups: Finance

Contact details:

34 Oak Apple Drive, Wembdon, TA6 3UN.  Tel No: 01278 439554

Photo of Julian Wellings

Register of Councillors’ interests

The Register of Councillors’ Interests is a pdf document. If you need it in an accessible format, please contact the Parish Clerk.

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