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Parish Council Finance

The work of the parish council is financed by the precept, which is part of the Council Tax levied each year on all residential properties. The tax year runs from April to March, and the budget and precept for the following year is agreed by a full meeting of the parish council, usually in December.

The precept for 2023-24 has been set at £110,992 which is the same as the previous year. However, as there has been a small increase in the number of council tax payers in the parish each household paying council tax will pay 2% less to the parish council.

Each year the parish council is legally required to submit a Governance and Accountability Return, the 2022-23 AGAR can be viewed on this link and to make its accounting records for the previous financial year available for 30 days for inspection by any interested person. You can view the notice advertising the right to view the accounts on this link

The external audit of the parish council’s 2022-23 accounts has been carried out. The external auditor’s Notice of Conclusion of Audit and report can be found on this link.

The accounts for previous years are available from the Clerk.

When qualifying housing development takes place in the parish the parish council receives Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding. A report has to be submitted annually to Somerset Council. The 2021-22 report can be viewed by clicking on this link.

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