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What does Wembdon Parish Council do?

Parish Councils have the powers to raise money through the precept (tax) on the residential properties in their parish. The money can only be raised for a limited number of purposes. Parish councils have powers to provide some facilities themselves, or they can contribute towards their provision by others.

Services and facilities provided by Wembdon Parish Council include:

  • the Wembdon allotments
  • the park and children’s play area
  • managing the Wembdon Parklands project, jointly with PACT
  • Wembdon Common
  • the solar lights on the public footpath through the park and Wembdon Parklands
  • provision and maintenance of bus shelters
  • provision and emptying of litter bins and dog bins
  • a contribution towards the running costs of Wembdon Village Hall, including a Parish Council representative on the Board of Trustees
  • CCTV coverage in the park and Parklands
  • grass cutting and hedge trimming in the park, Parklands, other green spaces, and along public footpaths
  • maintenance of public footpath signs
  • maintenance of the Millennium Bridge

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