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Sign the petition for a safer crossing on Wembdon Rise

There have been concerns regarding the safety of the zebra crossing on Wembdon Rise for many years. Wembdon Parish Council has submitted numerous requests to Somerset County Council Highways asking for the introduction of safety measures such as a reduced speed limit; replacing the zebra crossing with a traffic light controlled one; installing a raised cushion on the crossing and chicanes either side but SCC has consistently turned these requests down.

On 22nd September a child was knocked down on the crossing on her way to school. Luckily her injuries were not serious. Since 22nd September, three more incidents have been reported to the Parish Council Clerk when car drivers have failed to stop at the zebra crossing when pedestrians are using it. Wembdon Parish Council organised a ‘Public Show of Concern’ at the crossing on Thursday 4th November, supported by over 50 adults and children.

Our petition is now closed. Thank you to all who expressed their concern by signing it. Councillors will be discussing the next step at the Parish Council meeting on Monday 8th November.

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