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The Big Society

The Big Society is the Government’s vision about giving local people greater power and responsibility to improve the area in which they live.
There are five key themes:
  • Giving communities more powers
  • Encouraging people to take an active role in their communities
  • Transferring power from central to local government
  • Supporting co-ops, mutual charities and social enterprises
  • Publishing government data
As part of the vision, a Big Society Capital bank has been set up to give greater resource to social enterprises, charities and voluntary organisations.
A National Citizen Service scheme for all 16 and 17 year olds in England has also been created. The scheme helps  build work and life skills, while providing new challenges and opportunities to meet new friends. Find out more at National Citizen Service.
A community organisers’ programme is also underway. Community organisers listen to the concerns of people in their area, build relationships and help people take action on their own behalf on the local issues that matter to them. Visit the Community Organisers to find out more.


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