The purpose of the Parish Plan is to reflect the views, concerns and needs of the whole community. It has given everyone a chance to say what they think about the issues affecting life in our community and a chance to say what should be improved in the future. The Plan identifies those elements in our community that are most valued. The Parish Plan should be used by the Parish Council, residents, planners, developers, builders and other public bodies as a framework for the future development and structure of Wembdon village and the Parish so that it continues to be a place that the community is proud of and where its residents are pleased to live.
This Parish Plan relates to the entire civil Parish of Wembdon, it covers the village of Wembdon together with the settlements of Greenway, Sandford and Perry Green. The Plan was commissioned by Wembdon Parish Council and has been prepared by volunteer members of Wembdon community who formed a steering group which has been supported by the Council.
The steering group talked to special interest groups in the village and used Wembdon Village Day 2007 to canvas the views of Wembdon residents. The responses were used to create a questionnaire and copies of it were distributed to every household in Wembdon Parish. An impressive 1006 replies were received from the 1320 households in Wembdon, 850 responses from adults and 156 from young people. They were analysed by an independent expert and they form the basis of this Parish Plan.
It has not been possible to include every response from every individual in this document but a spreadsheet has been prepared that contains all of the detailed comments and this will be available to the Parish Council.
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