A meeting took place at Somerset County Council Highways Department on 5th February 2015.  Cllrs Solomon and Reed met with Highways Officer Richard Newby. The Parish Clerk was present.

Vehicle speeds on the NDR were discussed.  Mr Newby was of the opinion that as this is a feeder road then a speed limit of 40mph may have been more appropriate than the 30mph speed limit.  This could be the reason that so many vehicles exceed 30 mph. There are no plans to change the speed limit.

Mr Newby saw no reason why we could not have a SID.  He will speak to Dave Grabham to progress this.

Double yellow lines are to be installed close to the school in the near future.  This may push the parking problems further away from the school, so other streets then have the parking problem. The ultimate aim is to try to get as many people as possible to walk their children to school, rather than drive them.

The possibility of a 20mph speed limit either side of the Inwood Road junction was discussed.  Mr Newby could see no reason why this could not happen, but the Parish Council would have to fully fund the change in the speed limit, along with the TRO which would be required.  He advised that haulage and transport companies will probably oppose this reduction in the speed limit, as they invariably oppose such reductions.