The Wembdon Community Association (WCA) are a local group who organise fund raising activities to support local groups and organisations.

The WCA has its roots in a committee who acquired the land for the existing park in the village from a local farmer in the 1970s. In those days their annual New Year’s Eve Fancy Dress dance was renowned.

More recently it is the August Bank Holiday Village Day including The Fruit, Vegetable, Flower and Craft Show which is renowned. The day also hosts a large car boot sale and many stalls and activities. It is a diary date for many families whose offspring return to the village and meet up with old friends. New residents of the Parish enjoy the community spirit and can find out about local organisations.

The WCA also organise an annual firework display, quiz nights, events for senior citizens including bingo and a Christmas lunch, and Christmas carols on the Common, and in association with other groups have organised a Picnic in the Park.

Local groups such as the scouts, football club, Church, Art Group apply to the committee for a donation towards a specific project and the committee endeavours to distribute funds with discretion.

The WCA are urgently in need of volunteers to help to continue organising the various village events. It would be such a shame if we were unable to put these events on.  Any assistance no matter how small would be appreciated. For more info contact Wembdon Community Association by email, Facebook, or phone (Graham Grief: 01278 457973).