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The Neighbourhood Plan – the final Draft

The final version of Wembdon’s Draft Neighbourhood Plan was sent to Sedgemoor District Council (SDC) on 11th December, with the following supporting documents:

  • Consultation Statement
  • Housing Needs Assessment
  • Locally Important Views Assessment
  • Parking Technical Note

Copies of the supporting documents are available from the Parish Clerk on request, or may be downloaded from the SDC website.

SDC has checked that the Plan meets the legal requirements, and held a six-week public consultation from 4th January to 15th February 2019. An independent Examiner, John Mattocks, has been appointed by SDC, who have sent him all the documents. We expect the examination to start on 4th March and to last approximately a month, after which we should receive the Examiner’s Report with his recommendations.

Further information on progress, and information on how to comment, is available on the SDC website, as is information about the process.

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