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Neighbourhood Plan – Further Consultation


Following your responses to the draft Wembdon Neighbourhood Plan the steering group and the Parish Council have commissioned experts to provide reports on two subjects about which many people expressed concerns:

  1. Locally important views which we want to preserve
  2. Car parking – particularly in respect of parking provision in any new developments.

You may view these documents in hard copy at Wembdon Village Hall or by downloading them in pdf format (free pdf reader required):
Locally Important Views Assessment
Parking Technical Note
The Locally Important Views are already referred to in paragraph 6.3.2 of the draft Plan, and the conclusions from the Parking Technical Note will be used to update Policy WB3.

We welcome your comments on these documents before they are incorporated into the Neighbourhood Plan. 

You can respond by email to neighbourhoodplan@wembdon.org or by post to 78 Wembdon Hill, TA6 7PZ.

This consultation will run from 5th November to 26th November.

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