This month [September 2015] the construction work started on The Green at Wembdon, a project that will provide a Village Hall, a lounge for use by our community and our sports clubs, changing facilities, plus a huge 11 acre Village Green, marked out for cricket in summer and junior football in the winter, which will still leave acres of green space for general recreational play.

The project has been 6 years in the planning and fund raising, and construction has been purposely held back until the funding to complete the project was secured, ensuring that the project was fully deliverable. The final piece in the funding jigsaw was put into place when the project team were awarded £250,000 from the EDF CIM fund late last month.

A formal ground-breaking ceremony was held on 25th September and following the site mobilization, which is now ongoing, the first priority will be to work with Somerset County Council and Natural England to enable the construction of the access road from the NDR and the crossing of the Kidsbury Rhyne, which will allow all construction materials to be supplied directly from this major highway rather than negotiating the narrow access along Church Road.

In tandem with the Village Hall project, the Parish Council has now taken over from Persimmon the land remaining from their housing development at Great Oaks, and will bring this too into community use by cutting back some of the overgrown areas, improving the drainage and working with students at the Land-based Studies Team at Bridgwater College to design and implement a tree and shrub planting plan that encourages butterflies, birds and other wildlife as well as developing a new Wembdon Parkland for our community to enjoy.

The construction of the Village Hall is scheduled to take 12 months, the groundwork for the Village Green will start in spring 2015 with seeding in the autumn and the Wembdon Parkland works will be ongoing over a five year period as new areas of hedges and wildflowers develop.

This whole project evolved from the work originally carried out to prepare the Wembdon Parish Plan and is an opportunity to make improvements to our village which will be enjoyed for many generations to come – a magnificent Village Green, encircled by an avenue of specimen oak trees, a backdrop of our unique St. George’s Church with a rejuvenated Parish Centre to the north and the new Village Hall to the south, with grassed play and recreation areas all around. We do also recognize that there may well be some disruption as this major project takes place and assure you that we are working closely with the construction team to do all that we can to minimize this impact on our community.

The Council expresses sincere thanks to: the many funding organisations who are supporting this project; the members of our community who have donated time and money; to S. Notaro Ltd. and Persimmon who have gifted land; and especially to the Village Hall Project Team who have converted this Vision for Wembdon into a reality.

Project progress photographs.