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Councillors Details and Table of Interests

 Table of Cllr Interests Wembdon 2017

Tony Jay (Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer)
Contact Details: clerk@wembdon.org
11, Wyvern Mews, Churchill Road, Weston-super-Mare BS23 3GZ.  Tel No. 07741 461982










Mike Solomon (Council Chairman)
Committees: Ex-officie member of all committees
Contact Details: M.Solomon@wembdon.org
22 Wembdon Rise, Wembdon, TA6 7QZ  Tel No. 01278 457026








Neil Harrison (Vice Chairman & Planning Committee Chairman)
Committees: Planning, Allotments
Working groups; Wembdon Parkland; SID project, Give a Day
Parish Council representative as a Village Hall trustee
Contact Details: n.harrison@wembdon.org
8 Keltings, Wembdon, TA6 7QQ  Tel No. 01278 457549







Julia Riddle
Committees:  Finance and General Purposes, Staffing
Working Groups: Playing Fields
Contact Details: j.riddle@wembdon.org
4 Crossacre, Wembdon, TA6 7RN  Tel No. 01278 457604







Anne Reed
Committeess:  Finance and General Purposes, Staffing.
Working Groups: Communications (Parish Paper); Highways and Speedwatch
Contact Details: a.reed@wembdon.org
78 Wembdon Hill, Wembdon, TA6 7PZ  Tel No. 01278 421420







Jo Jackson
Working Groups: Playing Field, Highways and Speed Watch, Parish Paper
Contact Details: j.jackson@wembdon.org
21 Wembdon Rise, Wembdon, TA6 7PN  Tel No. 01278 433868








Richard Webber
Committes:  Planning
Working Groups: Highways and Speedwatch, Footpaths and Verges, NDR access project
Contact Details: r.webber@wembdon.org
Blakes Farmhouse, Wembdon TA5 2BE  Tel No. 01278 429235


Dave Gliddon
Committees:  Planning
Working Groups: Footpaths and Verges, Communications, SID project
Contact Details: d.gliddon@wembdon.org
Victoria Cottage, 37 Wembdon Hill, Wembdon, TA6 7PZ. Tel No: 07828210076






Jodene Hall
Working Groups:
Contact details: j.hall@wembdon.org
24 Oak Apple Drive, Wembdon TA6 3UN  Tel No: 07846307678




Thomas Travis
Working Groups:
Contact details: t.travis@wembdon.org
Crosswinds, 98 Wembdon Hill, Wembdon TA6 7PZ Tel No 07540704891


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