The Wembdon Parish Councillors have unanimously agreed to leave the 2020 – 21 Parish precept demand of £98,220 unchanged for 2021 – 22.

However, the Parish’s ‘council tax base’* will be reduced by 2% in 2021 -22.  The effect of this is that every householder will need to pay 2% extra to compensate for this.  This will mean an increase of £1.86 per year to be paid to Wembdon Parish Council for a Band D household, making a total of £77.86 per year.  The Parish Council has no influence or control over the tax base.  The Parish Councillors are disappointed to learn that, despite their strong intentions for there to be no increase in the next finance year, there will be this very small increase.

*Please see this explanation of the council tax base, as provided by SDC.

A tax base has to be set by the billing authority (Sedgemoor District Council) every year.  The tax base is the equivalent number of band D properties in a parish or town etc. after adjustments.  For example, if a town had 100 band B properties, 100 band C properties and 100 band E properties, this would be 288.89 band D equivalent properties.

We then make an allowance for void properties, exemptions, disabled reductions, new properties and the collection rate, to give an adjusted tax base.

Therefore, the more properties that pay Council Tax, the less each of them have to pay.