Wembdon Parish Council owns the Parklands, and has agreed that the PACT charity develops the land into an area that is inclusive to all.  The project has won a ‘Pride of Sedgemoor’ award, and is a flagship urban facility which is leading the way in the inclusion of wildlife and nature to educate and enhance the well being of those less able. The area has disabled friendly facilities and the paths have been upgraded to allow disabled people free access to enjoy the area.  Therefore it has been specifically designed as a parkland for disabled people to use safely.  To help achieve this safety, a grant was obtained from the Big Lottery fund to purchase gates to be installed to safeguard disabled people and animals from the very busy adjacent A39 Homberg Way.  These gates were quickly purchased and installed in March prior to the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown as it was unclear at that time how long the lockdown would last.  After taking professional advice, PACT thought that proper authority had been given by Somerset County Council to install the gates, but it now transpires that this is not the case and SCC has ordered that the gates must be permanently removed.  Whilst understanding the legal reasoning behind SCC’s decision, the Parish Council is very disappointed that the safety of disabled people may now be compromised. There has been a great deal of support for the installation of the gates from the residents of Wembdon, in particular from those who are disabled.