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Somerset Waste Partnership February Newsletter: SORTED!

Somerset Waste Partnership are launching their Slim My Waste, Feed My Face campaign. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Slim my waste, feed my face campagn graphic

Slim My Waste, Feed My Face – serious fun to recycle more food

Somerset Waste Partnership teams are fanning out across the county in the next few days on a very serious mission: to make food waste recycling fun with the Slim My Waste, Feed My Face campaign.

Over the next three months they will visit all 260,000 Somerset homes to add a “no food waste” reminder to every rubbish bin, put bright yellow tape round its middle, and deliver everyone a helpful leaflet with free stickers.

Free stickers? Yes – to give food waste bins powerful personalities to remind us all of the urgent need to recycle all food waste, and those friendly faces can then be shared on social media with #FeedMyFaceSWP to win free “eco-goodies”.

The serious message behind the funny faces is that the food waste some residents dump in landfill via their rubbish bins is a bigger cause of climate change than plastic, and a costly waste of a valuable resource.

All of Somerset’s annual 42,000 tonnes of food waste could be transformed by the anaerobic digestion plant near Bridgwater into things of immediate use:  electricity to heat and light Somerset homes plus fantastic farm compost.

That would save up to £1 million each year and 882 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

Slim My Waste, Feed My Face is a proven and very cost-effective campaign that has already achieved great success in Bristol with a jump in food recycling levels, and it is set to yield significant results in Somerset.

All that residents have to do is keep all food waste out of their rubbish bin, and add every scrap to their food waste bin.

Find out more about the Slim My Waste, Feed My Face campaign here . Keen to Slim My Waste but need a food bin to Feed My Face? Click here to order one online FREE.


5th February 2020

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